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With more than 15 years of successful experience in the recruitment and placement of interim managers and consultants, Fotini Efthymiadis keeps through Socratim a lifelong passion for recruitment industry and for Interim Management and strives for these markets' excellence.

Continuous contact with Professionals

We keep continuous contact with a a large group of professional Interim Managers and Consultants through network activities and guidance.

See coaching services.

Continuous contact with Organisations and Hiring Managers

We recruited and placed for all type of companies in different sectors: majors, large, local, international, SME's, NGO's in Belgium and abroad. We established through the years a strong long-term relationship based on trust, transparency and quality of approach and deliverables. Today we offer guidance/coaching to decision makers to support their hiring process finding professionals with high impact.

See coaching services.

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Today's focus

Transmission through Individual and collective session

Our mission has always been to strive for excellence in the market of Interim Management and Consultancy. Today we mainly focus on providing support in these markets through individual and collective support/coaching sessions to achieve that mission.

We offer profound experience and best practices to both professionals who work or aim to work in the sector and to hiring managers who need to choose for high impact professionals for their temporary assignments. Therefore we are daily in contact with the recruitment and interim management industries and activities, remaining aware of the latest trends in these markets.