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Are you a Senior Manager who may be thinking of interim management as a possible career transition? Have you spent 20 years of your professional career as an employee at Management level for different companies? If so, you may feel the need for something different to feel fulfilled in your professional life. An Interim Management career could be an amazing opportunity for you. However before transitioning, you need to know exactly what Interim Management is all about.


"Interim Manager" is not just a new job. It is a mindset, an attitude and a totally different way of working and thinking. Socratim gives you the needed support and relevant information about this career orientation. Through coaching, training and mentoring sessions, you will acquire the resources to decide whether Interim Management is for you or not.

As a specialist in Interim Management and coaching for Senior Managers, Socratim will guide you while respecting your autonomy and experience. You remain in the "driving seat" of your life. If you are considering becoming an interim manager but wonder if you are ready to make the jump, or if you are tempted by the flexibility and the freedom that Interim Management offers, but are apprehensive about the perceived insecurity of this type of work, Socratim can help you find answers using coaching tools such as Transactional Analysis and NLP. 

Maybe, you do not in fact have any doubts about Interim Management as a career. Actually, you have been waiting for this career move for years. However, you may still feel the need for some mentoring, advice and training to present yourself at interviews, as well as developing an appropriate CV.


Indeed, what companies and recruiters expect from Interim Managers is different from the offer of a permanent employee. You are not familiar with the process and this is quite normal. Our experience is that few companies invest in helping new interim managers with their presentation although it has a significant impact on your success in the business. Socratim proposes both individual and group training sessions.The individual session is an even more customized version of the training, focused on your specific needs.