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Are you already active in the recruitment sector with head hunting or staffing services, but would like to diversify or broaden your business? Do you think that Interim Management services are a possible business opportunity for your company? Socratim can help you launch your Interim Management business based on our extensive experience in this area.


If your company has decided to launch an Interim Management division but does not have the in-house expertise, Socratim can bring to you its experience in setting up an Interim Management line of business in Belgium. Socratim will provide you with an adapted strategy for your company. We take into account your existing business lines and consider potential synergies to be leveraged. We will help you to develop your experience in interim management for all strategic aspects of the business. Socratim can also take care of the implementation phase.


Socratim can provide you with support in the implementation of your new Interim Management line of business. We will assist you in the set up of processes and structure for welcoming the new line of business and ensure a smooth transition. We also offer the necessary training to your employees. We teach you how to recruit interim managers (from CV screening, interviews, to presentation to client), lead chasing, job intakes, etc.