Career Coaching for Mindful Leaders

Coaching & Mindfulness for Awaken Leaders

Are you a Senior Manager who aims to know her/himself better? Socratim guides Senior Managers to develop their abilities, broaden their horizons through coaching or mentoring. Together with you, we open-up new opportunities and enable professional and private self-fulfilment.


Decision makers and managers are facing more and more demanding professional environments with complex human and business challenges. Socratim helps managers to acquaint them with people's differences, characters and cultures for successful interactivity in teams and with peers.


We also help you through coaching, training and pragmatic role plays in challenging situation like a promotion, complex people/teams management or change management/reorganizations.

Next to the Career Coaching and Trainings services and in alignment with Socratim's mission, we provide workshops and practice of mindfulness (MBSR inspired) as a resource tool to support respect and awareness in the decision making process of Leaders within organisations.

Consultancy and support for Interim Management

"Interim Manager" is not just a new job. It is a mindset, an attitude and a totally different way of working and thinking. Socratim gives you the needed support and relevant information about this career orientation. Through coaching, training and mentoring sessions, you will acquire the resources to decide whether Interim Management is for you or not and how to get prepared for it.