Why working with Socratim?

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We are specialist in interim management and coaching for senior managers and have a solid background and experience. Fotini has about 10 years experience as mentor and coach, giving guidance to decision makers or managers. She gave them guidance and challenged them concerning their career path and career challenges. Our experience and tools help people to broaden their horizons and better know themselves for career and life fulfillment.


During her career in the sector of Interim Management, Fotini has always been looking for long-term partnerships with her business partners. This makes a big difference in Socratim’s approach. Indeed, we believe that this is the best way to make business. We have a profound experience meeting the heads of department in order to understand their need for Interim Management and advice them for the best solutions. Our success is based on the clients' satisfaction and on the qualitative partnership that we built with Interim Managers.

Human approach

We like to contribute to companies' and people's evolution and we are passionate about Interim Management. Besides helping companies and Senior Managers in various areas, our "human" approach makes the difference. With Socratim, Fotini chose for the freedom and privilege of making companies' and people's evolution a priority.


Professional life cannot be considered as a separate aspect in life and Socratim considers people as an integrated whole. Our coaching, training and mentoring tools enable us to structure this human approach. This applies to all our specialized services as well for career coacging, recruitment than for sharing of best practices in consulting.


For Socratim, networking and reputation come together, thanks to qualitative results. Moreover, we are passionate about people, so networking is not only a 'sales tool' but a natural way of working for us. Throughout her career, Fotini Efthymiadis built an important network. 


Rates & Quality

Socratim offers services with an interesting and fair price without compromising on efficiency and high quality. For more information, you can contact us.


Socratim's essential values are ethics, transparency, professionalism and consistency. These are not just values hanging in a frame on the wall; they are expressed in our services and actions. As this is so significant for us, we aim to work with companies and people sharing the same values.