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Senior managers

Socratim coaches Senior Managers and decision makers who are facing new challenges in their work environment or thinking to new career paths. For about more than 15 years Fotini coaches Managers and Senior Managers who have different profiles and backgrounds. Some of them are working in small or large structures of international or local companies. They are working in stand-alone positions or have people management responsibilities.


Socratim coaches different Senior Managers and Executives:

- Senior Managers who think to Interim Management and Consultancy as a career transition

- Well-established Interim Managers/Consultants to challenge/improve their market positioning

- Leaders in organisations guiding them through transformation (sector, job, organisation)

- Senior Managers who need support for decision making process or Leadership

Companies in various sectors

Companies give more and more attention to their human resources and decide to offer them support. Socratim offers them adapted coaching for their Managers and Senior Managers in case of change management, reorganisation, promotion with new responsibilities or team work challenges.



Companies active in career coaching and outplacement


Companies in the recruitment industry


Universities and Business Schools