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Senior managers

Socratim coaches Senior Managers and decision makers who are facing new challenges in their work environment or thinking to new career paths. For about 10 years Fotini coaches Managers and Senior Managers who have different profiles and backgrounds. Some of them are working in small or large structures of international or local companies. They are working in stand-alone positions or have people management responsibilities.


Socratim coaches Senior Managers who think to Interim Management as a career transition. Some of them worked for their entire career in one company before they start as Interim Managers. In that specific case, they have had different projects, roles and responsibilities within their company, which has provided them with a broad experience that they can share. Ideally, a Senior Manager has experienced different cultures, sectors and roles before she/he starts in Interim Management. Interim Managers require a profound background and therefore about 20 years of experience. We work with both Senior Managers who are in career transition, guiding them in their transition and with Senior Managers who are already 'established' as interim managers. Our interim managers are mainly Financial, HR, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and General Management profiles.

Companies in various sectors

Companies give more and more attention to their human resources and decide to offer them support. Socratim offers them adapted coaching for their Managers and Senior Managers in case of change management, reorganization, promotion with new responsibilities or team work challenges.


Today both big companies and SME's make use of Interim Management. Why? This is a practical solution for companies with temporary needs where they need a person who has significant experience in order to be directly operational. This means that the Interim Manager selected for an assignment should have experienced the same tasks several times in order to adapt and deliver from the first day on the mission.

Small companies active in head hunting, staffing and recruitment

Small companies active in recruitment, bodyshopping, head hunting are looking more and more to diversify or broaden their business with a business unit specialized in Interim Management. This is a way to diversify the risk but also to increase market shares and revenues. Even when companies freeze their hiring budgets to fill permanent positions because of the market situation, they keep looking for excellent resources who are directly operational for temporary needs. Interim Management’s success is increasing and will continue to grow. Socratim helps companies launch their own interim management line of business, from strategy all the way to implementation.