From Philippe Grandelet, Enterprise Market Director at Lampiris

One of the most attractive characteristics of Fotini is her interest for human being...

I had the opportunity to work with Fotini as a customer from 2008 to 2011 when I was Finance Director of the Enterprise Business Unit of Belgacom. I did employ some Interim Managers working in my team and placed by Fotini.


Fotini did always act in a real professional way taking care and trying to delight both her customers and Interim Managers, finding the right balance by preserving the interests of both parties in sometimes more difficult circumstances.


She is committed, results oriented and perform a real close follow-up of her files and people. But one of the most attractive characteristic of her, which is fundamental in such a business, is her interest for human being. It makes that we did stay in close contact after our collaboration and did become friends.


I am happy to see her being engaged in a new journey where people would have the opportunity to benefit from her experience and advice.


Philippe Grandelet,

Enterprise Market Director