From Bernard Sergant, HRD at International School of Brussels

Fotini goes the extra mile (...) I cannot imagine that anyone could do the job better!

I am fortunate in that I have known Fotini for 8 years as of December 2013, initially as an interim management resource assigned to an interesting mission that fully used my mix of competencies – even some she saw in me that I did not know I had – and then later on as a client/employer needing interim resources for my organization. Fotini goes the extra mile when matching temporary management professionals with an organization’s needs by getting to know the client organization’s culture in great depth –both explicit and implicit. Her wide exposure to corporate cultures over the years, from family-owned businesses to decentralized multinational corporations, has given her an uncanny ability to feel whether a candidate will “fit in”. A good personality fit is at least as important as the manager’s technical abilities for a successful mission, so she spends a lot of time listening to both sides of the matching process, as well as probing until she is satisfied that the risk of anything going wrong is very low indeed.


Besides her good judgment on fit and her results-oriented drive, Fotini is a thoroughly honest person who can be relied upon. High ethics and complete integrity mean that she will never try to match an unsuitable resource with an organization in need. I believe that people instinctively feel this and it has probably been a significant factor in her very successful career and top-tier reputation in this specialized field where both a deep understanding of people supported by an extensive technical knowledge of many different industries are needed to get the job done.


I cannot imagine that anyone could do the job better, either as an interim manager looking for a good mission, nor as a client company with an urgent need. I have a wide network of supply contacts as an HR Director working in a specialized entity of 330 employees in a high rotation sector, but Fotini will be the first person that I will turn to next time I need a temporary management resource, whatever corporate label may appear over her name. She works with a long-term view and builds partnerships with organizations rather than seeking short term profit. Not many people do that these days, so it is worth emphasizing. As a result, I believe that as Socratim now embodies Fotini’s values and expertise, it will quickly become a point of reference in this very competitive industry.


Bernard Sergant

Human Resources Director

The International School of Brussels