CFOs are back optimistic for own company growth

Based on Deloitte's latest survey (2013 Q2 Signals report), CFOs seem to be more optimistic compare to a year ago.


Despite this positivism and desire for growth, they remain alert keeping in mind the potential economical risks of downsize (with focus on cost management en business). Therefore companies still prefer to avoid long-term investments and choose for flexibility. Companies keep asking for a strong stimulative policy stance. They find government's fiscal and hiring stimulus to be insufficient to remain competitive on the market and ensure sustainable growth.


Trying to find the positive side of these economical obstacles, Socratim keeps optimistic as well for Interim Managers. Indeed, the need for flexibility that companies require in order to remain competitive "sounds good" for the sector of interim management. By definition, professional Interim Managers represent "flexible and plug-in solutions" for companies and they play a key role for sustainable results!

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