What the usual pricing in the interim management sector?

Depending on the length, complexity and responsibilities of the mission, a client can be charged between € 700 and € 2,000 per day for an Interim Manager. The usual mark-up in Interim Management on the Belgian market is about 43% of the pay rate of the Interim Manager. For instance, if a client is charged € 860/day for an Interim Manager who is paid € 600/day, then the mark-up for the Interim Manager provider is € 260/day.

Interim Managers need to anticipate the end of their assignments in order to ensure the next one. Some Interim Managers are very good at networking and find their own assignments and contract directly with the client. In other cases Interim Managers ask recruiting companies to find an assignment for them. These intermediaries’ activities are mainly sales driven. They look for Interim Managers and for leads or assignments on the companies’ side.


When the Interim Manager starts with a new client, s/he signs a contract with the intermediary. In that case, there is no contract between the client and the Interim Manager and the client has a contract with the intermediary. Client companies are charged a daily rate that includes the intermediary’s commission when the Interim Manager starts a mission. The Interim Manager is not charged directly for this service.


However, because the third party’s commission increases the price charged to the client, the Interim Manager tends to charge lower daily prices to the third party. Moreover, the Interim Manager has to respect a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement for this service. This means that the Interim Manager cannot contract directly with the client during a specific period after the end of the assignment (this can be 1 year or more).


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