Which trend for Interim Management during the crisis?

The Belgian newspaper L’Echo published on 31/05/2013 an article about recruitment and a survey of Manpower about the issues for recruiting permanently specific profiles with technical skills (like Finance, Sales, etc). Based on this article, as a consequence of the economic crisis, companies currently feel less concerned by recruiting issues. At the same time, when they need a profile, they are more demanding and expect candidates to fit the job 100% and to be immediately operational.

Trying to see the positive aspect of this trend, this is an increasing opportunity for some Interim Management profiles (in Finance, Accounting, etc.) to access new assignments on the market…Or is it? It could be the case if there is no misunderstanding between the role of an Interim Manager for a temporary period and a candidate with potential who matches the permanent position for the long term.


Taking an Interim Manager for a mission, you do not count on her/his potential but rather her/his expertise and therefore her/his ability to deliver quickly. How could someone with such a level of expertise remain in the same position permanently if it is not a project and therefore temporary by nature?


How long can this situation be a win-win for Interim Managers who accept such missions and for the company who pays for their services? It is a short term vision and it has to remain temporary until such time that the ideal permanent candidate is selected. So they can be combined but the one cannot replace the other if you look of course for efficiency in the long run.


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